What is anti static carpet treatment and is it worth it

Anti-static carpet treatment is the use of a spray mixture that contains conductive metals to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on carpet fibers. Static electricity on the carpet typically results from the friction between the carpet fibers and things that produce electric field currents such as electronics, or moving objects such as people’s shoes.

Anti-static treatment works on the laws of physics that holds that all bodies hold an equal amount of positive (protons) and negative (electrons) charge. However, in modern houses and offices that contain many electronics or are too dry due to air conditioning, this balance is often destroyed. As such, contact between these two bodies will usually result in the imbalanced charge being redistributed in a process through which the excess charge is transferred to the surface with less charge. Anti-static treatment works by spreading a spray mixture containing metals, which are exposed to the excess electricity in the carpet. Since the spray has less of a charge, the charge in the carpet flows into the metals thus eliminating the imbalance.

Is Static Carpet Treatment Worth It?

Static carpet treatment is so important for any office with a significant number of electronics, electric, or metallic equipment and installations. While we are used to the small yet annoying effects of static electricity, the effects of a larger charge of static may be very dangerous. If you collected a huge charge of static electricity in an area with flammable vapors, electronics, or dust, the results may be very damaging or even dangerous.

If you touched a metallic surface such as a computer, electronics, or router and you could conceivably destroy the equipment or shut down a network. Besides, a room with a carpet that has highly concentrated levels of static charge attracts a high amount of dust particles and dirt from the air and shoes thus making the carpet get soiled faster. With Anti-Static carpet treatment, you eliminate the problem of static charge accumulating. If you treat the carpet regularly, it will transmit very little amounts of charge to persons walking on it, thus protecting your sensitive electronic equipment, and keeping your carpet clean by reducing its attraction to dust and particles. It’s a good idea to combine the carpet cleaning in Stanmore with anti-static treatment and ask for a discount.