Do you miss the chances on the capital markets Bulgaria offers for real estate?

A variety of financial instrument exist on the capital markets Bulgaria isn’t aware are available to use, at least for the vast majority of people wielding some amount of wealth to participate “in the game”. Yes, there are few born after 1960 who don’t have any idea that part of their additional pension account might be employed the fund managing it in the deals on the market. But the options of the commercial real estate aren’t on the radar for the most of the people in the country.

It’s available all around the world and through capital markets, Bulgaria opens the door for the opportunity of the leaseback. A company sells assets and/or properties but continues to use it on a long-term arrangement concluded with the buyer. The purpose of such action is to accumulate funding without losing the primary zone of operation. The agreement between the sides involved might include the option of buy-back deal after some time.

Issues concerning different types of properties but mostly commercial also could gain on the “treatment” of the capital markets. Bulgaria might not be the best example about that trend but it is employed by thousands of companies and entrepreneurs when trying to get rid of a devalued real estate unit or making attempt to add value to a dwelling of weak market perspectives. Restructuring represents a complex process including detailed analysis of the situation to strengthen the fragile elements and remove all the outright repelling components. Management of the assets and handling of the loans is also essential.

Whether the goal is to sell a property on a better price by adding a value or to pull funding to your company or project, in the instrument of the capital markets Bulgaria allows you to find a solution. And the problem is solved with the support of experienced professionals like the ones Forton gathered in a team.