How to avoid hidden fees after your kri kri ibex hunt?

As you know some organized events you pay for – sometimes has hidden fees which you cannot escape from, because you already agreed with all conditions of the event.

Well, organized hunting events sometimes has the same ugly feature and catches in their trap many hunters. So, if you want hunting which does not include hidden fees you should bet on kri kri ibex hunt from

In this article you will know what you will pay for during your kri kri ibex hunt and what your payment package does not include.
How to avoid hidden fees after your kri kri ibex hunt?
First of all it is important to mention that hunting season for these magnificent animals is two months per year which means your hunting week will be organised between November and December. To sign up for this adventure you have to sybmit some documents before that. More information about how to get hunting licence for kri kri ibex you will find at Krikrihunt official website. Kri kri ibex hunt is organized at one of the greek islands called Sapientza. The highest mountain’s point there is 800 m. You can walk any peak of it if yo see an animal for an hour without being in a hurry. So, that what you are actually paying for is all fees and costs which are aware before hunting starts. They include:
Transportation from Athens to the hotel in Methoni and back after the hunting end. Translation and legalization of all documents necessary for having the hunting permit and hunting license issued for shooting Kri Kri. Primary leather processing and elaboration of the export documents. Hunting license. Hunting armament.
How to avoid hidden fees after your kri kri ibex hunt?
Your payment does not include:
Hotel accommodation and food. State fee in the case of shooting down an animal /It is to be defined by the ecologist on duty depending on the antler length and varies between 350 and 700 EUR per adult animal. It is payable directly to the forestry officials, but only if you shoot down an animal. (This fee is to be approved by the Minister of forests and agriculture each year) and some other details which you will be able to familirise with by