Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

Before Cosmetic Surgery
It is so important that before your surgery you listen to the advice of your cosmetic surgeon and adhere to any lifestyle changes he or she recommends. Making changes to your lifestyle prior to your surgery can impact how successful the surgery is, as well as aiding your recovery and minimising chances of infection or complications.

Plastic surgery

Lifestyle changes before surgery may include stopping or minimising smoking; it is recommended that you stop smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery as smoking affects the way your body recovers and heals. Another advisable lifestyle changes to make before surgery is ensuring your diet is balanced and you have a healthy intake of food, maximising healing proteins for growth and repair, as well as healthy greens. It is also recommended that you exercise regularly, to help keep your immune system strong.

The Aftercare Process
The aftercare process following surgery will also require you to make some lifestyle changes, which will aid your recovery and increase the chances of positive results from your surgery. It is important that you understand fully exactly what your surgeon has recommended you do to aid your recovery and that you follow these instructions for as long as suggested. Depending on what kind of surgery you have just undergone, you may need to refrain from exercise, especially heavy lifting and movements which may irritate your healing areas.

An experienced surgeon such as Atul Khanna Website will always advise you on when it is safe to return to your daily exercise routine. You may also need to take a certain amount of time off work, especially if your job is physical or stressful. Avoiding stress during recovery will aid the healing process.

Maintaining Results
Depending on the type of surgery you have undergone, you may need to adjust your lifestyle to maintain the results. For instance in cases of weight loss surgery, e.g. gastric band or bypass surgery, you will need to adjust your eating habits and focus on eating healthy low calorie foods, as well as exercising regularly to achieve your weight loss gain. ‘Tummy tuck’ surgery also requires a certain level of lifestyle change post-surgery, to stop the skin re-stretching and keeping to a healthy exercise regime to maintain a toned appearance.

After Surgery Advice
If you require more advice on how to prepare yourself for surgery, or on lifestyle changes after surgery, contact Mr Atul Khanna experienced and helpful team is Birmingham UK.